National Governance & Business Leadership Awards

Friday, 9th August, 2024 | Time: 9am



The maiden Next Great Leader Conference, a prestigious event that brings together distinguished leaders, accomplished professionals, and aspiring executives/leaders from various industries and institutions. This conference, scheduled to take place on Thursday, 3rd August at UniMAC GIJ at 8am, offers an unparalleled platform for personal and professional growth.

The Next Great Leader Conference is designed to provide a comprehensive experience that goes beyond traditional conferences. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from visionary leaders who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. These distinguished speakers will share their experiences, insights, and strategies, providing invaluable guidance to help you excel as a leader.

In addition to inspiring keynote speeches, the conference offers interactive workshops and engaging panel discussions. These sessions are led by experts in leadership, corporate governance, and executive development. Through hands-on activities and collaborative discussions, you will gain practical knowledge and valuable skills to enhance your leadership capabilities.

One of the key highlights of the Next Great Leader Conference is the focus on mentorship and career building. The conference provides a platform for aspiring executives/leaders to connect with experienced mentors who can offer guidance, support, and valuable career advice. This mentorship program aims to nurture your potential and accelerate your professional growth.

Furthermore, the conference presents internship and national service opportunities. It serves as a bridge between talented individuals and organizations seeking skilled professionals. This offers a unique chance to explore potential career paths, gain practical experience, and contribute to meaningful projects.

The Next Great Leader Conference also emphasizes the importance of networking. You will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of professionals from various industries, fostering valuable connections and potential collaborations. The networking sessions provide an environment for meaningful interactions, idea exchange, and the possibility of future partnerships.

We believe that your presence at the Next Great Leader Conference will be immensely valuable. Your unique perspective and aspirations will contribute to the vibrant discussions and enrich the overall experience for all participants.

Please save the date and reserve your seat for this transformative conference. Registration details and the comprehensive program agenda will be provided in the coming weeks. We encourage you to visit our website for updates and to secure your spot.


Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from visionary leaders, engage in interactive workshops, benefit from mentorship, explore internship and national service opportunities, and expand your professional network. We look forward to welcoming you to the Next Great Leader Conference, where you will gain the tools, knowledge, and connections to unlock your leadership potential and shape a successful future.

For further details, contact Ella on 0207936527