GB Boardroom

The Governance & Business Boardroom is a unique learning and networking platform addressed to Senior Managers, Leaders and Individuals in Business or individuals working in Government or International bodies.

Who Can Join

Managers, Senior Managers, Executives and Leaders from companies based or having connections with Companies in Africa are particularly welcome. The GB Boardroom is opened for:

  • Executives from Africa or operating in Africa aiming to enrich their knowledge and critical understanding of the modern business settings.
  • Corporate managers and leaders that want to grasp the latest in management and the business environment.
  • Individuals seeking to network in the Ghanaian business environments.

Conveyed as a short and intensive executive fellowship programme, TGBB focuses on three levels of executive development: the economics of development and the understanding of institutional arrangement in economies, the complexity and effectiveness of strategic management of organisations within the economy and the development of leadership skills and modern abilities in a global and volatile business environment. The Governance and Business Boardroom is enriched with networking events, company visits, business lunches and dinners, roundtables and incorporates a number of development activities and workshops.

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